A weekend in Reykjavík

Considering my 23rd birthday fell on a Saturday this year, I knew a weekend break would be the best way to celebrate (of course). I decided to fully embrace my winter birthday and head to the land of ice with Julian, and hopefully experience the Aurora Borealis in person!

I’ve always heard Iceland is EXTREMELLY expensive though, but considering we were only going for 3 days, we decided it wouldn’t completely break the bank (although yes, I made the mistake of impulsively buying flights prior to anything else because they were cheap, then realising hotels pretty much cost more than anything I own).

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My ultimate travel bucketlist

I’m extremely lucky that in only 23 years of life, I’ve visited some of the world’s most talked about places and experienced some truly unforgettable moments. When it comes to travel, I find it really easy to set my self goals of what I want to do and things I want to see. I am also the first to admit that I get a lot of inspiration of places I want to visit from Instagram, Pinterest, travelling books/magazines and in general, I always ask others for tips and stories from their own adventures. So, I’ve decided to come up with a bucket list….! I’ve tried to mainly stick to things I’m yet to do, but also some things I have already ticked off my all time must-do destinations and activities.

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New York

After a few visits to New York and having my parents recently move there, I’d say that by now, I’ve proudly become somewhat of a big apple connoisseur. 

What you see in the city that never sleeps depends how slowly or quickly you want to go, your budget, and whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner or in a group. But one of the great things about NYC is that you could easily see it all in 3 days or in 10, alone or with friends, cheaply or luxuriously. So for whichever type of trip, here’s a list of must-dos I’ve compiled that you absolutely cannot miss if it’s your first trip to the concrete jungle.

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