My ultimate travel bucketlist

I’m extremely lucky that in only 23 years of life, I’ve visited some of the world’s most talked about places and experienced some truly unforgettable moments. When it comes to travel, I find it really easy to set my self goals of what I want to do and things I want to see. I am also the first to admit that I get a lot of inspiration of places I want to visit from Instagram, Pinterest, travelling books/magazines and in general, I always ask others for tips and stories from their own adventures. So, I’ve decided to come up with a bucket list….! I’ve tried to mainly stick to things I’m yet to do, but also some things I have already ticked off my all time must-do destinations and activities.

I hope this inspires you to come up with your own all time travel bucketlist! How many of these have you already done?

  1. Take my little brother biking around my favourite place in the world (Rotto, WA)
  2. Get a PADI qualification (scuba diving)
  3. Have at least 3 passports
  4. Roadtrip across the USA (Route 66)
  5. Skydive ✔
  6. See the northern lights
  7. Scubadive in the Great Barrier Reef ✔
  8. Ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey
  9. Helicopter over a city ✔ (open door in NYC!)
  10. Visit Petra the lost city of Jordan
  11. Volunteer in Africa ✔
  12. Ride a camel around the Giza Pyramids of Egpyt ✔
  13. Go back to Kirinjini National Park in Western Australia
  14. Live in Perth again
  15. Climb Kilimanjaro
  16. Visit Julian’s favourite place in the world – Zanzibar
  17. Swim with seals ✔ (Rottnest Island, WA)
  18. Go island hopping in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  19. See the sunrise in Angkor Wat ✔
  20. Do the Inca trail and see Machu Pichu, Peru
  21. Visit Salar De Uyuni (salt flats) in Bolivia
  22. Stay in Hotel Villa Honegg in Switzerland
  23. Go on an African safari ✔
  24. Live in Byron Bay, Australia
  25. Travel to watch the world cup somewhere ✔ (Germany, 2006)
  26. Explore Hawaii
  27. Sail the Whitsunday Islands, Australia ✔
  28. Spend Carnaval in Salvador, Brazil
  29. Visit the Taj Mahal, India
  30. Fall in love abroad ✔
  31. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  32. Go island hopping in the Philippines
  33. Float in the Dead Sea ✔
  34. Visit the Grand Canyon, USA
  35. Ride camels on the beach in Broome, WA
  36. Go to the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore ✔
  37. See the sunrise over Bagan, Mayanmar
  38. Travel by bullet train in Japan
  39. Backpack across Central America
  40. Camp in Yosemite, USA
  41. Do a solo backpacking trip ✔ (3-month trip across Asia and East Coast Aus)
  42. Swim in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland ✔
  43. Helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef
  44. Take a gondola ride in Venice (before it sinks!) ✔
  45. Spend Christmas in NYC ✔
  46. Go trekking in the Amazon, Brazil
  47. Celebrate New Years Eve in Sydney ✔
  48. Celebrate New Years Eve in Copacabana Beach ✔
  49. Visit the holy land (Jerusalem) ✔
  50. See the landscapes and wildlife of Namibia
  51. Go to the top of the tallest building in the world ✔ (Burj Khalifa, Dubai)
  52. Go paragliding at home (in Rio)
  53. Live in Bali
  54. Ride a bike down South Beach, Miami ✔
  55. Play with the beach pigs in Exuma, Bahamas
  56. Go Island Hopping in the Cyclades ✔
  57. Honeymoon in the French Polynesia
  58. Take my brother to Walt Disney World in Orlando
  59. Live in New York ✔
  60. Stay at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya
  61. Listen to live jazz in New Orleans
  62. Perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland ✔
  63. Swing from the trees in Sri Lanka
  64. Get a bamboo tattoo in Thailand ✔
  65. Stay in a water bungalow in the Maldives
  66. Roadtrip the South and North Islands of New Zealand in a campervan
  67. See the Sistine chapel in the Vatican City ✔
  68. Swim with sea turtles in the Gili Islands ✔
  69. Try snowboarding in Whistler, Canada
  70. Live in California ✔
  71. Visit Fiji  ✔
  72. Hike and Swim in Wadi Shab, Oman
  73. See the lights of Taipei, Taiwan (have tried to go before, visa got denied)
  74. Fly first class
  75. Swim with whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef, Australia ✔
  76. Go on a blogging/photography retreat trip
  77. Pool hop in Palm Springs, California ✔
  78. Watch the sunset in Santorini, Greece ✔
  79. See the founding documents of the USA in Washington, DC ✔
  80. Go to the centre of Australia (Uluru, Ayers Rock)
  81. Sleep in the Sahara desert
  82. Go sandboarding
  83. Visit the Amalfi Coast, Italy (and drive a vintage convertible)
  84. Spend a period of time in Cape Town
  85. Ski in the Alps ✔
  86. Visit Maya Beach, set of ‘The Beach’ in Koh Phi Phi ✔
  87. Go river rafting in Jamaica
  88. Ride in an open top vintage car in Havana, Cuba
  89. Play with kangaroos in Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia
  90. Stay overnight in a caravan in Joshua Tree, California
  91. Visit Komodo and Flores island in Indonesia
  92. Marvel at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi ✔
  93. Hop on Hop off bus across East Coast Australia ✔
  94. Gamble (and probably lose) in Vegas
  95. Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge
  96. Drink wine in Tuscany ✔
  97. Go on a cruise ✔
  98. Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany ✔
  99. Party at Coachella, Burning Man, Glastonbury & Tomorrowland
  100. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail in the USA (maybe not the whole, even a section is fine!)

17 thoughts on “My ultimate travel bucketlist

  1. Fantastic bucket list! I’ve only done the greek islands stuff – and that’s because I *am* greek hahahah 😀 I hope you get to tick everything off!

    1. So jealous you’re greek! Island hopping in the Cyclades is my favourite Europe summer getaway! 🙂 Thanks for visting xx

    1. OMG so cool you’re going to the Taj Mahal! Make sure you’re early to avoid the crowds 😉 Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. This is a brilliant blog idea!!! Personally, I have done 4.5 of these things. Only giving myself 1/2 a point because I didn’t take my brother to Disney. We went as a family unit of 5 kids and two adults. It was an amazing first trip to Disney despite wanting to harm my siblings throughout the whole experience. LOL. I was eleven. Thanks for a great read!!!

    1. Yay so glad you liked Sarah!!! My little bro is only 2 and I can’t wait to take him to Disney! Don’t worry you can give yourself a full point there 😉 Hope this inspired you! xxx

  3. When you get to Uluru, make sure you make the detour to the King’s Canyon! It’s so much less heard of, but I loved it immensely. Take your walking shoes!

    1. Oh wow that’s a great tip! THANK YOU! I lived in Aus for a year but didn’t get to Uluru unfortunately. I can’t wait till I can eventually go!!!

  4. I have a lot of the same things on my bucket list! I have been drooling over the pics of the hot air balloons in Cappadocia lately though. 🤤 can’t wait to hit that one sometime soon.

    1. Thanks Randi! – Right, how great does Cappadocia look? Although I must admit, although I’ve skydived for some reason I am scared of the thought of going in a balloon!

    1. Oh wow! I wish I could do a bullet journal but I’m literally so un-artsy and craftsy haha! Thanks for the love! X

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