Hi, I’m Yasmin! I’m 24, Brazilian, and I have been travelling since 1995. Literally.

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I moved from my birth town of Vitoria at 6 months old to where I grew up, Rio de Janeiro. From about the ages of 5 or 6 I started flying solo – (with a cute dog-like tag around my neck) between both cities.

When I was 9 my parents and I moved to the UK, and I was very lucky that they brought me up travelling Europe. They were only in their 20s during this period, so lots of sleeping on airport floors, cheap accomodation and spontaneous detours, all of which I believe fuelled my passion for exploring.

Growing up in England, my time was also devoted to Musical Theatre and Football, but I think travelling has always been the crux of who I am.

I’ve graduated from The University of Exeter with a BSc in Psychology & Society. Still can’t read minds though… During that time I also undertook a year of study abroad at The University of Western Australia and lived in Perth, where a lot of dreams came true!

Now, I work in advertising full-time in London and am taking my Masters in Media & Communications at the London School of Economics but am always planning for the next adventure. I hope you enjoy all the content I post here, and inspires your next destination.